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A Clock of Stars: Beyond the Mountains (Book 2)

Beyond the Mountains : Book 2 by Francesca Gibbons

Author: Francesca Gibbons


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Page Count:496

Date Published:28 Apr 2022



The thrilling sequel to the bestselling middle-grade debut of autumn 2020, shortlisted for the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize.

Imogen and Marie return through the door in the tree to a whole new Yaroslav. Miro is king, but hates it. Anneshka is no longer Queen. . . and hates it.

When Anneshka hears a prophecy that she will rule the Greatest Kingdom, she seizes Marie, believing her to be key to fulfilling it, and heads over the mountains. Imogen and Miro chase after them, in hot pursuit. But what they find in the lands beyond will change everything again, and see them facing dangers they could never have imagined, both human and otherwise.

Beautifully illustrated throughout by Chris Riddell, exciting and funny, the Clock of Stars trilogy is a timeless fantasy from the most astonishing new voice in middle grade.

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