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A Clock of Stars: The Greatest Kingdom (Book 3)

The Greatest Kingdom : Book 3 by Francesca Gibbons

Author: Francesca Gibbons


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Page Count:512

Date Published:27 Apr 2023



The thrilling third volume in the bestselling middle-grade trilogy, beautifully illustrated throughout by Chris Riddell Step through the door in the tree and into another breathtaking adventure. . .

When Anneshka’s hunt for the greatest kingdom brings her into our world, Imogen and Marie know it’s bad news. But Anneshka isn’t their only problem. Mum’s boyfriend, Mark, is sick and getting sicker, thanks to the monsters he accidentally carried home.

Can the girls escape Anneshka and find a cure for Mark before it’s too late? Their quest will take them through the door in the tree and further than ever before, into the magical lands of Nedobyt beyond. But there is more to this kingdom than meets the eye. Miro, Imogen and Marie must learn its secrets if they’re to save their families – and stop Anneshka once and for all. . .

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