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Alexandria by Paul Kingsnorth

Author: Paul Kingsnorth

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Page Count:416

Date Published:5 May 2022




‘Like Robert Macfarlane re-written by Cormac McCarthy.’ Telegraph

‘Beckett doing Beowulf.’ London Review of Books

One thousand years from now, the sole inhabitants of a small island – a group no larger than an extended family – are living in a post-civilised world. They are perhaps the Earth’s only human survivors. But lurking outside their isolated community is a figure in red, an emissary from another way of life: a virtual place of refuge and security, of escape from the dangers of a newly wild world.

The visitor calls it Alexandria. A work of radical and matchless imagination, Paul Kingsnorth’s new novel is a mythical, polyphonic drama driven by elemental themes: of community versus the self, the mind versus the body, machine over man; whether to put your faith in the present or the future. Set on the far side of the climate apocalypse, Alexandria completes the Buckmaster Trilogy, which began with Kingsnorth’s prize-winning The Wake.

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