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An Honourable Thief (Book 1: A Company of Rogues)

An Honourable Thief by Douglas Skelton

Author: Douglas Skelton


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Page Count:352

Date Published:6 Apr 2023



Longlisted for the McIlvanney Prize 2023.

Introducing Jonas Flynt. Gambler. Thief. Killer. Man of honour.

Jonas Flynt, ex-soldier and reluctant member of the Company of Rogues, a shady intelligence group run by ruthless spymaster Nathaniel Charters, is ordered to recover a missing document.

Its contents could prove devastating in the wrong hands. On her deathbed, the late Queen Anne may have promised the nation to her half-brother James, the Old Pretender, rather than the new king, George I. But the will has been lost.

It may decide the fate of the nation. The crown must recover it at all costs. The trail takes Jonas from the dark and dangerous streets of London to an Edinburgh in chaos.

He soon realises there are others on the hunt, and becomes embroiled in a long overdue family reunion, a jail break and a brutal street riot. When secrets finally come to light, about the crown and about his own past, Jonas will learn that some truths, once discovered, can never be untold… An atmospheric and utterly compelling blend of crime, history and thriller, to delight fans of S. J. Parris, Andrew Taylor and C. J. Sansom.

‘Swashbuckling action against a vivid historical backdrop. I loved this book’ Ian Rankin

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