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Animal Farm : Barrington Stoke Edition

Animal Farm : Barrington Stoke Edition by George Orwell

Author: George Orwell


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Page Count:256

Date Published:7 Jan 2021



Orwell’s powerfully unnerving and enduring allegory of oppression and rebellion, brought to life for a new age of readers in a stunning dyslexia-friendly edition. “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others …”When the lazy and drunken Mr Jones of Manor Farm forgets to feed his livestock the down-trodden and over-worked animals unite to take back their freedom. Led by the pigs Napoleon and Snowball they imagine this rebellion as the start of a life of prosperity and plenty.

But as a cunning, brutal, hidden elite begins to take control, something new and unexpected emerges …

Barrington Stoke is an award-winning publisher with 25 years’ experience of pioneering super-readable, struggling, reluctant reader and dyslexia-friendly fiction to help every child become a reader. From our specially designed font to the colour of our paper, accessibility is at the heart of everything we do.

Reading Age: At Level | Interest Age: 13+

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