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Basque: Spanish Recipes From San Sebastian & Beyond

Author: Jose Pizarro


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Page Count:256

Date Published:4 March 2021



‘Jose’s recipes take us to the heart of the very best of Spanish cooking.’ – Rick Stein

In this compact edition of the award-winning cookbook, Basque, leading Spanish chef, Jose Pizarro, takes readers on a journey around this magical place, taking inspiration from traditional dishes and local ingredients, and adding his own unique twist. From the delicious bite-sized morsels known as pintxos Basque-style tapas to more hearty main meals and sumptuous desserts, Jose shows you how easy it is to prepare Spanish food at home. The cuisine of this region is wonderful to share with family and friends but it’s also about informality and not being a slave to your stove.

Set to the backdrop of the stunning views of San Sebastian and the rest of the Basque Country, Basque is a culinary jaunt around one of Spain’s most colourful and exciting food destinations.

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