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Blood and Moonlight

Blood and Moonlight by Erin Beaty

Author: Erin Beaty


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Page Count:448

Date Published:5 Oct 2023



In Erin Beaty’s fantasy mystery-thriller, Blood and Moonlight, an orphan with a secret, magical sight gets caught between a mysterious, genius detective and the serial killer she’s hunting. Rising about the city of Collis is the Holy Sanctum. Catrin, an orphan girl, watches over its many spires with a unique skill that serves the Sanctum’s master architect.

Then Catrin witnesses a murder and she is pulled into a dangerous chain of events where the only certainty is that the killer will strike again. The detective on the case is the brilliant and enigmatic Simon, whose insights into the mind of a predator are frighteningly accurate. As the grisly crimes continue, Catrin finds herself caught between killer and detective.

But she’s hiding her own secret – and it might be the only thing that saves her and those she loves from becoming the next victims. . .

Continue the magic with Silence and Shadow.

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