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Britannica All New Children’s Encyclopedia : What We Know & What We Don’t

Britannica All New Children's Encyclopedia : What We Know & What We Don't by Britannica Group

Author: Britannica Group


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Page Count:424

Date Published:1 Oct 2020



Earth? Space? Animals? History? STEM? Britannica All New Children’s Encyclopedia has them all.

This beautifully illustrated, 424-page compendium of knowledge is a must-have addition to every family bookshelf and library collection! With more than 100 expert consultants from around the world, and over 1000 images, including specially commissioned illustrations and stunning photography, this single-volume Children’s Encyclopedia takes Britannica’s reputation for authentic, trustworthy information and brings it to a whole new audience.

Unlike old encyclopedias that are structured from A to Z, this encyclopedia takes you on a journey from the beginning of time to the present day and even into the future! It explores a wide range of topics and is divided into eight chapters by subject: Universe, Earth, Matter, Life, Humans, Ancient & Medieval Times, Modern Times and Today & Tomorrow.

This book of amazing facts you can trust will provide hundreds of hours of fun learning for curious children and their families.

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