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British Museum 101 Stickers! Ancient Greece

British Museum 101 Stickers! Ancient Greece

Author: British Museum


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Page Count:24

Date Published:2 Jul 2020



Take a tour of ancient Greece in this vibrant sticker activity book from the British Museum! Add some statues to the Acropolis, fill the busy marketplace with people and pots and use stickers to fill the ancient Olympic games with athletes. Then visit an archaeological dig to uncover amazing artefacts, before curating your very own museum exhibit with real-life photographic object stickers from the British Museum collection. Includes four pages of colourful stickers to add to 11 scenes and energetic artwork from Sophie Beer.

Other titles in the series include: 101 Stickers! Ancient Egypt, 101 Stickers! Ancient Greece, 101 Stickers! Stone Age and 101 Stickers! Ancient Rome

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