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Circus Maximus ~ Rivals On the Track

Circus Maximus ~ Rivals On the Track by Annelise Gray

Author: Annelise Gray


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Page Count:400

Date Published:1 Sep 2022



Dido is the only girl ever to have raced to victory at the Circus Maximus, Rome’s greatest sporting arena. Now she and her beloved horse, Porcellus, are in hiding, and Emperor Caligula has put a price on their heads.

Can she outwit the emperor and his bounty hunters? And will a shocking family secret stop her in her tracks, or spur her on to make a daring return, helped by a one-eyed mare with a heart as brave as her own? Horses, history, mystery, thrilling entertainment and sensational storytelling race neck and neck through the second pulse-pounding adventure in Annelise Gray’s 9 + series set in Ancient Rome.

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