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Clutch by M.G. Leonard

Author: M.G. Leonard


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Page Count:320

Date Published:6 Apr 2023



There’s an egg snatcher in Aves Wood – the Twitchers are on the case! The third wildlife mystery adventure for our gang of birdwatching detectives, from bestselling wildlife queen M.G. Leonard.

It’s spring, and Aves Wood is alive with migrating birds returning to build their nests. But eggs are going missing. Could someone be stealing from the nests of the wild birds?

Horrified, the birdwatching detectives set up a stakeout, patrolling the woods to protect the nesting birds and hunting down the despicable egg thief. But the Twitchers are soon caught in their own trap. Can they work together to prove their innocence and catch the real criminal before any more birds get hurt?

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