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Cookies & Crumbs : Chunky, Chewy, Gooey Cookies for Every Mood

Cookies & Crumbs : Chunky, Chewy, Gooey Cookies for Every Mood by Kaja Hengstenberg

Author: Kaja Hengstenberg


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Page Count:160

Date Published:18 Apr 2024



“I’ve savoured countless batches of Kaja’s delectable cookies during my time in Stockholm. Their exquisite taste still lingers in my memory. If you’re not able to visit her shop, having the cookbook is the next best thing.

It’s a delightful and thorough guide, offering not just recipes but also inventive flavour pairings, ensuring each cookie is a perfect indulgence.” – Rachel KhooSome like ‘em gooey and chewy, others chunky and crunchy, but everybody loves cookies. Whether it’s classics like Milk Choc Chip, Peanut Butter and Chunky Double Choc, or new favourites – think Coffee and Cardamom or Melt-in-the-middle S’mores – you’ll find endless options for baking cookies at home with these unforgettable flavour combinations, as well as an array of unbeatable vegan and gluten-free recipes. In this fun-filled, fresh-out-of-the-oven celebration of everyone’s favourite sweet treat, Kaja Hengstenberg keeps things simple, guides you through the basics and presents delicious, doable recipes.

With handy tips scattered throughout, alongside ideas for using up leftovers – ice cream sandwich, anyone? – these are recipes that will show you how to make seriously good cookies every single time.

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