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Dragon Rising

Dragon Rising : 4 by Katie Tsang (Author) , Kevin Tsang

Author: Katie Tsang &, Kevin Tsang


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Page Count:304

Date Published:17 Mar 2022



The bestselling fantasy series returns with unexpected water dragons and a deadly battle that could transform Billy, Dylan, Charlotte and Ling-Fei’s lives forever.

The fourth adventure in the ROARsome Dragon Realm series for 9+ readers! Perfect for fans of nail-biting mysteries and cinematic battles.

Billy, Dylan, Charlotte and Ling-Fei are back in their hometowns, missing each other and their dragons. While out surfing one morning, Billy panics when a water dragon emerges out of the waves, and soon strange sightings are being spotted all over the world. Meeting back in Dragon Realm, the friends, their dragons and two new acquaintances join forces to investigate. But what unravels is a dastardly plan concocted by an evil baddie and a human and dragon battle that will go down in history. It’s up to Billy and friends to save the world, but can they do it?

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