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Every Gift a Curse

Every Gift a Curse - All Our Hidden Gifts (Paperback) Caroline O’Donoghue

Author: Caroline O’Donoghue


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Page Count:416

Date Published:2 Feb 2023



The chilling figure of the Housekeeper returns in the enthralling conclusion to O’Donoghue’s tarot-inspired dark fantasy series, All Our Hidden Gifts.

A spellbinding supernatural teen drama and final book in the Gifts series from a New York Times bestselling author.

With the return of the Housekeeper on the cards, Maeve must find out everything she can about the vengeful tarot spirit in order to finally defeat her. Crossing over into a parallel dimension inside the old school building, she explores the history of the Housekeeper – and spends too long in a world and a mind not her own.

With the Children of Brigid closing in once more, and Maeve’s friend group now fractured across Ireland, can they hope to ultimately save the town – and Maeve – from the grip of a power greater than they ever imagined?

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