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Gravity’s Rainbow

Gravity's Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon

Author: Thomas Pynchon


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Page Count:912

Date Published:7 Feb 2013




Discover Thomas Pynchon’s brilliant writing in this postmodern literature classic.

We could tell you the year is 1944, that the main character is called Tyrone Slothrop and that he has a problem because bombs are falling across Europe and crashing to the earth at the exact locations of his sexual conquests. But that doesn’t really begin to cover it.

Reading this book is like falling down a rabbit hole into an outlandish, sinister, mysterious, absurd, compulsive netherworld. As The Financial Times said, ‘you must forget earlier notions about life and letters and even the Novel.’ Forty years since its publication, Gravity’s Rainbow has lost none of its power to enthral.

‘The greatest, wildest author of his generation’ Guardian

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