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Greek Myths : Meet the heroes, gods, and monsters of ancient Greece

Greek Myths : Meet the heroes, gods, and monsters of ancient Greece

Author: Jean Menzies


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Page Count:1040

Date Published:16 Jul 2020



A beautifully-illustrated book filled with over 30 Ancient Greek Myths for children aged 7-9. Journey into a world of gods and goddesses, heroes and heroines, extraordinary creatures and fantastic monsters with this beautifully illustrated introduction to Ancient Greek mythology. Perfect for children aged 7 to 9, this collection contains more than 30 enthralling new retellings of favourite Greek myths as well as some you might not have heard before.

Including ‘Theseus and the Minotaur’, ‘The 12 Labours of Herakles’, and the escapades of ‘Jason and the Argonauts’, each myth is told in engaging modern language, which is easy for children to understand yet still retains the humour and intrigue of the original tales. Encourage your children to explore: -Over 30 fascinating Greek myths, covering famous classics and lesser known stories-Striking illustrations by multi-award winning artist Katie Ponder-Stunning gold foil on the cover -A handy pronunciation guide listing all difficult-to-pronounce names for the reader’s convenience-Key reference spreads combining the appeal of a story collection with key reference information.

A must-have volume for children aged 7-9 with an interest in Greek mythology and history, the additional feature pages delve deeper into the mythical world, providing profiles of the gods and a map detailing Odysseus’ long voyage home from the Trojan War. The reference section provides key background information, such as Ancient Greek storytelling and the incredible beasts of the myths, and a handy pronunciation guide.

Greek Myths is the perfect gift, featuring stunning gold foil on the cover and beautiful illustrations throughout. Quench your child’s curiosity and thirst for knowledge, as they explore the enthralling tales, whether by themselves or to equally be enjoyed as bedtime stories alongside parents.

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