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Have I Got News For You: The Quiz of 2023

Have I Got News For You: The Quiz of 2023 by Have I Got News For You

Author: Have I Got News For You


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Page Count:336

Date Published:2 Nov 2023



Whether it was Harry talking about his todger in his controversial autobiography, or celebrities from Gary Lineker to Phillip Schofield and Huw Edwards dominating the news agenda, plus strikes, inflation, wildfires, the Wagner group performing the briefest mutiny of all time, an ill-fated trip to the Titanic, and – as usual – a stack of scandals leaking out of the Cabinet, 2023 has had just as many newsworthy things you’d like to forget as any other year. Before you can do that though, this book is going to quiz you on them. There’s the missing words round, odd one outs, stolen formats from other quiz books, word searches, crosswords, mazes, and – as a word of warning – some close-up photographs of Michael Fabricant.

With over 1,000 questions on everything from politics to pop culture, Have I Got News for You: The Quiz of 2023 promises hours of entertainment and is probably the only sardonic souvenir of 2023 going.

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