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Little Red Reading Hood

Little Red Reading Hood by Lucy Rowland

Author: Lucy Rowland


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Page Count:32

Date Published:25 Jan 2018



Whilst leaving footpaths should never be done, Straying from stories is all sorts of fun! Little Red Reading Hood loves reading books and making up stories of her own. When she meets a cunning wolf while on her way to the library, he convinces her to stray from the path and read for a little while. But hasn’t she read this in a story before? Perhaps it’s time she came up with a new ending . . .

This is a contemporary and fun take on the classic fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood, created by an incredible picture book partnership.

With a playful rhyming story by Lucy Rowland and Ben Mantle’s entertaining illustrations, Little Red Reading Hood will inspire children, and adults, about the magic of books and reading.

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