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Maisie Jones and the Dinosaur Bones

Maisie Jones and the Dinosaur Bones by Lily Murray

Author: Lily Murray


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Page Count:32

Date Published:27 Jun 2024



Maisie Jones and the Dinosaur Bones is a fun, feminist, fossil-filled adventure that tells all young children: follow your dreams and you’ll find a way. From the bestselling team behind A Dress With Pockets, Lily Murray and Jenny Løvlie. Maisie Jones lives by the sea, and can always be seen out searching the shore for treasures that she sells in her family’s fossil shop.

She wants to make a big discovery – to find her very own dinosaur bones. But when she does find something spectacular, a stuffy man in a top hat steals her discovery, and tries to claim it for himself! The race is on – Maisie must track down the pompous professor and make sure everyone knows that it was Maisie Jones who found the dinosaur bones!

Inspired by the real-life story of palaeontologist Mary Anning, and with a bonus page all about her discoveries at the back, Maisie Jones and the Dinosaur Bones is the perfect book for treasure hunters and big dreamers.

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