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Modern Sourdough : Sweet and Savoury Recipes from Margot Bakery

Modern Sourdough : Sweet and Savoury Recipes from Margot Bakery by Michelle Eshkeri

Author: Margot Bakery


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Page Count:224

Date Published:4 Apr 2024



In Modern Sourdough, Michelle Eshkeri reveals how mastering the art of sourdough baking can open up a world of sweet and savoury treats at home.   Bringing together over 100 mouth-watering recipes inspired by Michelle’s heritage, Modern Sourdough expands our understanding of this ancient baking technique. Featuring a step-by-step guide to making a sourdough starter, as well as methods for folding, shaping, scoring and baking, it demonstrates how you too can make Margot signature loaves, as well as naturally-leavened pizzas, challah, focaccia, French pastries, brioche and babka.

Covering bread, cakes, buns, savoury bakes and store cupboard wonders, plus a selection of non-sourdough favourites from the bakery, these are recipes you’ll want to make again and again.

‘Michelle Eshkeri’s book Modern Sourdough gives a perfect balance with easy home-style recipes and more invitingly complex challenges, just what every budding baker is looking for. Recipes are well thought out, clear and easy to follow, and will get you on the road to sourdough brilliance in no time.’ Dan Lepard, author of Short and Sweet

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