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Mooncat and Me

Mooncat and Me by Lydia Corry

Author: Lydia Corry

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Page Count:32

Date Published:24 Jun 2021



With colourful pages thronging with modern city life, Mooncat and Me tells the story of Pearl as she overcomes the anxiety of moving house and starting a new school, with the help of a giant white cat. We can all empathise with Pearl’s fear that ‘I won’t know anyone, and no one will know me’ but as we watch her grow in confidence, we will learn that with a bit of imagination and determination, there’s nothing we can’t do. The gorgeous, brightly coloured illustrations are full of busy people filling pavements and buses and cars, or seen through the windows of their homes, leading their different lives.

Mooncat’s own calm and reassuring presence encourages Pearl to explore the vibrant city with her mother, and to face school, where she soon finds there are friends to be made.

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