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Mother for Dinner

Mother for Dinner by Shalom Auslander

Author: Shalom Auslander


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Page Count:272

Date Published:16 Sep 2021




This is the story of an unusual family. Though they are nothing like yours, you will recognize them. They are the last Cannibal-Americans.

And they have a problem. When their mother dies, twelve children gather to dispose of the body in the traditional manner … by eating it. But can they follow the ancient rituals of consumption? Is their unique cultural heritage worth preserving if it’s this gross? And what about dietary requirements – one of them is vegan.

Surely it can’t be this hard to do the right thing ?Mother for Dinner is a dark comedy about modern life and its many difficulties.

Praise for Mother for Dinner

‘Outrageous satire . . .extremely funny, weirdly touching’ – Guardian

‘A work of genius’ – Scotsman

‘Close-to-the-knuckle farce with a big beating heart’ – Daily Mail

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