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Mysteries at Sea

Mysteries at Sea: Peril on the Atlantic by A.M. Howell

Author: A.M. Howell


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Page Count:320

Date Published:3 Aug 2023



A twisty and heart-pounding mystery at sea, from award-winning A.M. Howell. “An exquisitely plotted nautical adventure, packed with mystery and derring-do.” Judith Eagle, author of The Accidental Stowaway

July, 1936.

As the Queen Mary sets sail across the Atlantic, Alice can’t wait for the summer of adventure that lies ahead. She’s excited to explore the huge ship, with its shops, animals and even celebrities on board. But while Alice’s sailor father focuses on winning a prestigious race, she witnesses a shocking attack.

Alice and her new friend Sonny start to uncover a dark sabotage plot, and as they investigate gold bars, anonymous notes and lost silk gloves, secrets in their own lives come to the surface. When fog threatens the boat’s journey, and dangerous enemies show themselves, Alice and Sonny are in their own race to solve all the mysteries unfolding. But what they discover might change both their lives forever…

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