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Naughtiest Unicorn and the Firework Festival

Naughtiest Unicorn and the Firework Festival by Pip Bird

Author: Pip Bird


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Page Count:160

Date Published:29 Sep 2022



The perfect gift for Bonfire Night and Diwali – and for readers of 7+ and fans of The Worst Witch, Bad Nana and Pamela Butchart. it’s time for some firework festival fun at Unicorn School! But there’s only one problem… the fireworks are missing! But – this being Unicorn School – the fireworks are very special and magical, created by mysterious creatures who live behind the Fearsome Forest.

It’s time for Mira, Dave and the gang to go on an adventure, find out what is going on and make sure that the sparkling, colourful, fizzing firework fun is returned to the festival with a BANG! Pip Bird is the pseudonym for a small group of brilliant and funny children’s book writers. They all believe in magic and dream of having a Unicorn Best Friend Forever.

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