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Onyeka and the Heroes of the Dawn

Onyeka and the Heroes of the Dawn by Tola Okogwu

Author: Tola Okogwu


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Page Count:336

Date Published:14 Mar 2024



The dynamic fantasy series about children with special powers returns, as Onyeka and her friends rescue a fellow Solari from England only to discover that somebody has discovered their secret.

The extraordinary third book in the action-packed superhero series.

Solari – children with superpowers – have always been native to Nigeria, but Onyeka and her friends have been alerted to one hidden in England. Tasked with retrieving the young Solari, they successfully complete their mission, arriving safe and sound back at the Academy of the Sun with Tobi in tow.

Tobi’s identity and superpower remain a mystery, until a breadcrumb trail leads Onyeka to the truth. But someone else has uncovered the secret, and unlike Onyeka, they don’t have Tobi’s best interests at heart. Can our superhero save the day once again?

For readers 8+

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