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Pages & Co.: The Last Bookwanderer : Book 6

Author: Anna James


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Page Count:416

Date Published:28 Mar 2024



The final adventure in the bestselling bookwandering series for readers aged eight to twelve

The Pages and Co. series comes to a thrilling end in this perfect final instalment.

When Tilly, Oskar, Milo and Alessia venture into King Arthur’s realm in search of the wizard Merlin, they discover that the magic of bookwandering is not at all what they thought.

Together, they must journey into myth and legend – to bargain with the trickster Loki and unlock their destinies with the help of the Three Fates – and find a way to untangle the Alchemist’s grip on the world’s imagination.

To save Pages & Co. and the very foundations of bookwandering, Tilly and her friends will have to learn the true power of imagination in a thrilling final adventure, but an unexpected enemy stands in their way . . .

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