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Palestinians and Israelis : A Short History of Conflict

Palestinians and Israelis : A Short History of Conflict by Michael Scott-Baumann

Author: Michael Scott-Baumann


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Date Published:30 Nov 2023



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Newly updated, this accessible history explores the origins and development of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Why has it proved so intractable, and what are the implications of escalating tensions for both the Middle East and the world? The ongoing struggle between Israelis and Palestinians is one of the most bitter conflicts of modern times, with profound global consequences.

In this comprehensive and stimulating overview, Middle East expert Michael Scott-Baumann charts its history from the late nineteenth century to the present day. Each chapter offers a lucid explanation of the politics and includes personal testimony of Israelis and Palestinians whose lives have been marked by conflict.

By presenting competing interpretations from both sides, Scott-Baumann examines key flashpoints of the twentieth century, bringing this new edition up to date with a consideration of the war ignited by Hamas’s surprise attacks on Israel in 2023. He delineates both the nature of Israeli control over the Palestinian territories and Palestinian resistance – going to the heart of recent clashes. The result is an indispensable account for anyone seeking to understand the context behind today’s headlines, including analysis of why international efforts to restore peace have continually failed.

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