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Paper Boat, Paper Bird

Paper Boat, Paper Bird by David Almond

Author: David Almond


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Page Count:112

Date Published:2 Feb 2023



This wonderful tale transports Mina to Kyoto, Japan, an entirely new and different cultural landscape, where she encounters the magic of origami and an older magic, too. She accepts an origami paper boat from a woman on the bus. ‘Ko-ni-chi-wa,’ says the woman, ‘Take it.’ And then, ‘Float it.’ Mina watches as the woman’s fingers fold another elaborate paper form: creased, tugged and teased into the shape of a paper bird.

She imagines what it would be like to be a sheet of paper in the woman’s hands, to become a paper Mina. The crowds around her disappear and Kyoto is gone. This is a beautiful story from one of the masters of magical realism, David Almond, with stunning illustrations from Kirsti Beautyman.

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