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Pigs Might Fly

Dick King-Smith: Pigs Might Fly : 1 by Dick King-Smith

Author: Dick King-Smith


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Page Count:184

Date Published:4 Nov 2021



A beautiful new edition of Dick King-Smith’s Pigs Might Fly, from the renowned author of Babe The Sheep-Pig. Poor Daggie Dogfoot! He’s much smaller than his brothers and sisters, with feet more like a dog’s than a pig’s. The very day that Daggie is born, the pigman whisks him off to the shed for a merciful death.

When Daggie miraculously escapes, he returns to the safety of the sties and the protection of his mother, who begins to think that Daggie isn’t just different but special. Special for a purpose. And when Daggie befriends a duck called Felicity, he begins to understand what that purpose might be …

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