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Polly Pecorino

Polly Pecorino: The Girl Who Rescues Animals by Emma Chichester Clark

Author: Emma Chichester Clark


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Page Count:224

Date Published:6 Apr 2023



An enchanting and divinely illustrated young fiction novel about a kind girl and a lost bear cub, with a classic feel from the much-loved, award-winning author-illustrator. Are you brave enough to enter the Wild Bear Woods?Polly Pecorino rescues animals, and she can talk to them too. She spends all of her time caring for those at Happy Days Zoo, where the devious owners, Mr and Mrs Snell, will do anything to make money.

One day they steal a bear cub, certain that he will do wonders for ticket sales, but the ferocious bears living in Wild Bear Woods want their cub back. Will Polly be brave enough to stand up to the Snells and take Booboo, the bear cub, back where he belongs?

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