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Saving Time : Discovering a Life Beyond the Clock

Saving Time : Discovering a Life Beyond the Clock (THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER) by Jenny Odell

Author: Jenny Odell


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Page Count:400

Date Published:4 Jan 2024




We’re living on the wrong clock. And it’s destroying us. Our life is dominated by the corporate clock that so many of us contort ourselves to fit inside.

It wasn’t devised for people, but for profit. We need to embrace a whole new concept of time: one that gives us and our planet a brighter future. In Saving Time, Jenny Odell, bestselling author of How to Do Nothing, examines how we got to the point where time became money.

Taking inspiration from the pre-industrial, ecological and geological rhythms of our world, she offers us radical new models to live by that make a more humane, more hopeful existence seem possible. Now is our moment to rethink. And if we do, time might just save us.

‘An inimitable gift’ Jia Tolentino, author of Trick Mirror

‘One of the most important books I’ve read in my life’ Ed Yong, author of An Immense World

‘To read it is … to experience how freedom might feel’ Oliver Burkeman, author of Four Thousand Weeks

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