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Secret Beast Club: The Mer-People of Crystal Pier

Secret Beast Club: The Mer-People of Crystal Pier

Author: Robin Birch


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Page Count:144

Date Published:1 Feb 2024



Join the club, find the magic!

The third book in the brilliant Secret Beast Club series – brimming with adventure, friendship and an amazing array of magical creatures! A must-read for fans of Beast Quest and Bad Mermaids. Aisha and Jayden and the rest of the Secret Beast Club are back and ready for a whole new adventure!A mysterious necklace has been found in Liverpool by Ocean Jones, the owner of a local sightseeing company. She claims the necklace belongs to a real mer-person, promoting her boat tours with promise of a real sighting.

The Secret Beast Club know that a mer-person’s necklace holds powerful magic and wouldn’t be carelessly lost . . .

Feeling sure that Ocean isn’t telling the whole truth, the Secret Beast Club vow to investigate. But this is their most dangerous mission yet – the sea is treacherous and mer-people have a natural mistrust of humans – will the Secret Beast Club save the day, and protect the mer-peoples’ hidden home, before they too succumb to power of mer-magic?

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