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Sir Lilypad

Sir Lilypad by Anna Kemp

Author: Anna Kemp


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Page Count:32

Date Published:4 Jun 2015



Once upon a time, in a deep dark bog, lived a teeny, tiny speckled frog. Now, he might be tiny (the other frogs call him stuff, like ‘weedy pants’ and ‘sugar puff’) but his ambition is great. For he wants to be known henceforth as Sir Lilypad! Sir Lilypad the brave and wise! Slayer of the – er – dragonflies.

And all he needs to effect this transformation? A kiss from a willing princess, of course… A new fantastically funny, froggy tale from internationally bestselling picture book duo, Anna Kemp and Sara Ogilvie.

Other books by Anna Kemp: Dogs Don’t Do Ballet, Rhinos Don’t Eat Pancakes, The Worst Princess, Sir Lilypad, Dave the Lonely Monster.

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