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Sunbringer : The Fallen Gods Trilogy Book 2

Sunbringer : Book 2 by Hannah Kaner

Author: Hannah Kaner


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Page Count:384

Date Published:



The thrilling epic fantasy sequel to No. 1 Sunday Times bestseller, GODKILLER. War is coming, godkiller.

Gods are forbidden in the kingdom of Middren. Now they are stirring, whispering of war. Godkiller Kissen sacrificed herself to vanquish the fire god Hseth and save her friends, but gods cannot be destroyed so easily – and neither can godkillers.

Reeling from the loss of Kissen, young noble Inara and her little god of white lies, Skedi, seek answers to the true nature of their bond. The secrets they uncover could determine the outcome of the war. Meanwhile, Elogast, no longer a loyal knight of King Arren, has been charged with destroying the man he once called friend.

The king vowed to eradicate all gods, but has now entered into an unholy pact with the most dangerous of them all. The kingdom is on the brink of destruction. What will they each sacrifice to save it?

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