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Terrible True Tales: Egyptians

Terrible True Tales: Egyptians : From the author of Horrible Histories, perfect for 7+ by Terry Deary

Author: Terry Deary


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Page Count:256

Date Published:6 Jun 2024



Horrible Histories author Terry Deary presents a hilarious collection of Egyptian tales based on thrilling true stories – four books in one! Perfect for history fans (and those who don’t know they’re history fans yet) aged 7+.

The Gold in the Grave

A group of thieves plot to rob Tutankhamen’s tomb of its vast wealth. If they succeed, it’ll be the greatest robbery in history. If they fail, the consequences are severe…

The Magic and the Mummy

When the pharaoh dies, it’s Neria’s job to mummify his cat. The trouble is, the cat is still alive. Can Neria find a way to save the cat without being caught and punished ?

The Plot on the Pyramid

The Great Pyramid is a lively place to work. The only problem is Antef, the fussy, irritating supervisor. When the workers go on strike, everyone’s loyalty is tested.

The Phantom of the Nile

Menes, a trainee scribe, is tasked with getting rid of a ghost. But what if the phantom is actually more human than supernatural? It will take all of Menes’s skill and ingenuity to find out the truth…

Terry Deary’s Terrible True Tales: Egyptians explores the world of ancient Egypt through the eyes of children who could have lived at the time. Packed with fun illustrations by Helen Flook, these stories feature real people and take place in some of the most recognisable Egyptian settings. This new edition features notes for the reader to help extend learning and exploration of the historical period.

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