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Terrible True Tales: Romans

Terrible True Tales: Romans by Terry Deary

Author: Terry Deary


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Page Count:256

Date Published:6 Jun 2024



Horrible Histories author Terry Deary presents a hilarious collection of Roman tales based on thrilling true stories – four books in one! Perfect for history fans (and those who don’t know they’re history fans yet) aged 7+.

The Fatal Fire

Mary is terrified to accompany her master into the big, scary city of Rome. Then she finds herself the only witness to a terrible crime, and suddenly there’s danger at every turn…

The Captive Celt

Rome is thrilled by the news that the infamous British chief Caratacus has been captured. Little does Bran, a feisty young Celtic slave, realise that this event is going to change his life.

The Goose Guards

Rome is under attack and the barbarian army is now preparing to besiege the home of Brutus, a trainee priest. Will rescue ever come and will Brutus know who to trust?

The Grim Ghost

Pertinax is helping his grandmother when the great Pliny himself tells him a ghost story set in the very garden they’re standing in. But there’s no truth in ghost stories… right?

Terry Deary’s Terrible True Tales: Romans explores the wonders of the Roman Empire through the eyes of children who could have lived at the time.

Packed with fun illustrations by Helen Flook, these stories feature real people and take place in some of the most significant moments in Roman history. This new edition features notes for the reader to help extend learning and exploration of the historical period.

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Coming in 2025: Terrible True Tales: Greeks, Terrible True Tales: The Stone Age


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