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The Amazing Mr Blunden

The Amazing Mr Blunden by Antonia Barber

Author: Antonia Barber


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Page Count:256

Date Published:9 Dec 2021



‘Charming, magical and life-affirming, Antonia Barber’s clever and moving tale has become a much-loved favourite. The Wheel of Time spins – and off we go into an unforgettable adventure!’ MARK GATISS

When you come to the house, you will hear strange tales. They will tell you in the village that it is haunted, but you must not be afraid. When the time comes … you will know what to do.’

Mr Blunden’s words echoed through Lucy’s ears as she explored the house. It was such an old house that it seemed to Lucy as if all the past was gathered up inside it as if in a great box; as though it had a life of its own that continued to exist just beyond the reach of her eyes and ears.

Did Mr Blunden, who went out of his way to offer their mother the job as caretaker, mean to help or hurt them? Could she and her brother Jamie really help those troubled ghosts from another age?

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