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The Best Sleepover in the World

The Best Sleepover in the World by Jacqueline Wilson

Author: Jacqueline Wilson


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Page Count:224

Date Published:6 Jun 2024



A long-awaited sequel to the hugely popular book Sleepovers!

Daisy’s worst ever enemy Chloe is desperate to win back her friends so she announces she’s going to have THE BEST SLEEPOVER IN THE WORLD. There’s going to be a swim in a luxury pool, a special makeover for every guest, and a real live meeting with a social media superstar. All Chloe’s old friends are invited, even Daisy’s best friend Emily.

But Daisy is left out. Daisy’s sister Lily is non-verbal but she’s learned Makaton at her new special school. She signs to Daisy that she wants a sleepover. Will family and friends somehow make Lily’s party THE BEST SLEEPOVER IN THE WORLD? A moving look at friendship, sleepovers and siblings from the much loved, bestselling Jacqueline Wilson. J

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