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The Book Lover’s Quiz Book 2 : More Quizzes for Book Whizzes

The Book Lover's Quiz Book 2 : More Quizzes for Book Whizzes by Gary Wigglesworth

Author: Gary Wigglesworth


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Page Count:304

Date Published:5 Oct 2023



Put your bookworm reputation on the line and prove your literary knowledge with this collection of quizzes for book whizzes.

Book lovers can answer questions by themselves or host a quiz among friends with twenty-four quizzes to keep you guessing with a variety of question styles including:
– ‘Blankety Books’, where you must fill in the missing word in each title
– Anagrams to decipher
– ‘Two of a Kind’, where you must identify a character and author who share the same initials
– Guess the book with ‘Say What You See’ pictures and badly drawn covers
– ‘Book Bingo’

The quizzes are carefully weighted so avid bookworms will get a workout, while more casual readers can still have lots of fun having a go. All questions are designed to aid guessing, with multiple-choice answers and hints, and make the reader smile with amusing wrong answers, clever red herrings, little-known facts and footnotes.

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