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The Houdini Inheritance

The Houdini Inheritance : by Emma Carroll

Author: Emma Carroll


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The queen of children’s historical fiction delivers another exquisite excursion into the past, as two children in the 1920s find themselves dragged into the seedy world of American amusement parks in the service of the world’s greatest escapologist.

Magic shows and mysteries abound in this showstopping new standalone from a bestselling author who has sold close to a million copies of these middle-grade adventures!

The English seaside, 1920s. A world famous escape artist. A suitcase full of secrets. And a death-defying stunt.

When Harry Houdini comes to visit the seaside town of Sidford-on-Sea, Glory and her friend Dennis are first in-line to see him. He is there to perform a daring trick: he will jump off the town pier in chains, pitching himself into the water below. But when Glory outsmarts the infamous Houdini, she is suddenly sucked into his world, and finds herself tasked with looking after his precious trunk – the one that contains all his secrets.

With Houdini in danger, Glory and Dennis are thrown deep into an adventure that takes them all the way to Coney Island in America, and the dark underbelly of its amusement parks.

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