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The Little French Village of Book Lovers

The Little French Village of Book Lovers by Nina George

Author: Nina George


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Page Count:288

Date Published:27 Jul 2023



The heart-warming new novel from the international million-copy bestselling author of THE LITTLE PARIS BOOKSHOP.

In a small town in balmy Provence, Marie-Jeanne has a gift. She can see the marks Love has left on the people around her.

Glowing faces, hands that shimmer brighter when enclosed in another. Before long, Marie-Jeanne is playing matchmaker. When her foster father, Francis, sets up a mobile library travelling the many mountain towns of the Nyons region, Marie-Jeanne takes her quest further.

Their library offers entertainment, guidance, reassurance and comfort – but for Marie-Jeanne, the books also allow her to bring soulmates together. The only person that Marie-Jeanne can’t seem to find a partner for is herself. She has no glow of her own, though she waits and waits for it to appear.

Everyone must have a soulmate, surely – but will Marie-Jeanne be able to recognise hers when Love finally comes her way?

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