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The Morning Gift

The Morning Gift by Eva Ibbotson

Author: Eva Ibbotson


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Page Count:528

Date Published:25 Jul 2019



A richly imagined story of unexpected love, independence, and belonging – The Morning Gift is a classic WWII romance from Eva Ibbotson. With an introduction from Sarra Manning, author of Diary of a Crush. Eighteen-year-old Ruth lives in the sparkling city of Vienna with her family, where she delights in its music, energy and natural beauty.

She is wildly in love with the brilliant young pianist Heini Radik and can’t wait until they are married. But Ruth’s world is turned upside down when the Nazis invade Austria and her family are forced to flee to England, and through a devastating misunderstanding she is left behind. Her only hope to escape Vienna comes from Quin, a young English professor, who unexpectedly offers her a marriage of convenience to bring her back to London.

Ruth throws herself into her new life – but a secret marriage is more difficult than she expected, especially as she and Quin find themselves drawn together.

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