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The Natural Way of Things

The Natural Way of Things : From the internationally bestselling author of The Weekend by Charlotte Wood

Author: Charlotte Wood


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Page Count:336

Date Published:22 Aug 2019




She hears her own thick voice deep inside her ears when she says, ‘I need to know where I am.’

The man stands there, tall and narrow, hand still on the doorknob, surprised. He says, almost in sympathy, ‘Oh, sweetie. You need to know what you are.'”

Two women awaken from a drugged sleep to find themselves imprisoned in a broken down property in the middle of a desert. Strangers to each other, they have no idea where they are or how they came to be therewith eight other girls, their heads shaved, guarded by two inept yet vicious jailers. Doing hard labour under a sweltering sun, the prisoners soon learn what links them: in each girl’s past is a sexual scandal with a powerful man.

They pray for rescue but as the hours turn into days and the days into weeks and months, it becomes clear only the girls can rescue themselves.

‘Savage: think Atwood in the outback’ Paula Hawkins

‘An unforgettable reading experience’ Liane Moriarty

‘Ferocious… recalls the early Elena Ferrante’ NPR

Winner, 2016 Stella Prize, Winner, 2016 Indie Book of the Year Award, Winner, Fiction Book of the Year, 2016 Indie Book Award, Winner, 2016 Prime Minister’s Literary Award for Fiction, Winner, Reader’s Choice, 2016 ABIA Literary Fiction Book of the Year Shortlisted, 2016 Miles Franklin Literary Award, Shortlisted, 2016 ABA Nielsen Book, Data Booksellers Choice Award, Longlisted, 2017 International Dublin Literary Award



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