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The Naughtiest Unicorn and the Birthday Party

The Naughtiest Unicorn and the Birthday Party by Pip Bird

Author: Pip Bird


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Page Count:208

Date Published:2 Mar 2023



Join the naughtiest unicorn for magic and mayhem in this hilarious series for 6+ fans of Pamela Butchart, Rabbit and Bear, The Worst Witch and UNICORNS! Get ready to CELEBRATE! Mira’s been invited to Unicorn School’s 1000th Birthday Party, and can hardly wait for all the games, glitter and gorgeous outfits!

Dave THE NAUGHTIEST UNICORN is more interested in scoffing all the rainbow icing… They’ll be Very Important Visitors there too, and Mira and her friends have been given the important quest of filling party bags with gifts to give them. But it’s not long before disaster strikes! What will they do when the big day arrives?

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