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The Passenger

The Passenger by Cormac McCarthy

Author: Cormac McCarthy


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Page Count:432

Date Published:28 Sep 2023



‘A gorgeous ruin in the shape of a hardboiled noir thriller . . .

What a glorious sunset song’ – The Guardian

It is three in the morning when Bobby Western zips the jacket of his wetsuit and plunges from the boat deck into darkness. His divelight illuminates a sunken jet, nine bodies still buckled in their seats. Missing from the crash site are the plane’s black box, and the tenth passenger.

But how? A collateral witness to machinations that can only bring him harm, Western is shadowed in body and spirit – by men with badges; by the ghost of his father, inventor of the atom bomb; and by his sister, the love and ruin of his soul. From the bar rooms of New Orleans to an abandoned oil rig off the Florida coast, The Passenger is a breath-taking novel of morality and science, the legacy of sin, and the madness that is human consciousness, and one of the final works by Cormac McCarthy, a true American master.

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