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The Perfect Golden Circle

The Perfect Golden Circle by Benjamin Myers

Author: Benjamin Myers


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Page Count:256

Date Published:18 May 2023




England, 1989. Over the course of a burning hot summer, two very different men – traumatized Falklands veteran Calvert, and affable, chaotic Redbone – set out nightly in a clapped-out camper van to undertake an extraordinary project.

Under cover of darkness, the two men traverse the fields of rural England in secret, forming crop circles in elaborate and mysterious patterns. As the summer wears on, and their designs grow ever more ambitious, the two men find that their work has become a cult international sensation – and that an unlikely and beautiful friendship has taken root as the wheat ripens from green to gold.

Selected for BBC 2 Between the Covers Book Club 2022

‘In this folksy, magnetic tale, two outsiders seek healing and enlightenment by creating crop formations in a Wiltshire field … A memorable hymn to beauty’ OBSERVER

‘The pleasures of this bountiful novel are like a glass of cool water on a parched summer day’ THE TIMES

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