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The Proof in the Pudding : Prudence Bulstrode 2

The Proof in the Pudding : Prudence Bulstrode 2 by Rosemary Shrager

Author: Rosemary Shrager


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Page Count:352

Date Published:26 Oct 2023



The next irresistible cosy crime novel from celebrity TV chef Rosemary Shrager! Preparing a midwinter’s feast for all hundred residents of the little Yorkshire village of Scrafton Busk is exactly the kind of challenge Prudence Bulstrode adores. A chance to show off her muffin-topped winter stew, lamb shank hotpot and Scarborough woof – and, of course, her famous figgy pudding – is just the thing to shake off the winter blues. But on the night of the feast, local vagabond Terry Chandler is found dead – his body entombed in the pristine snowman standing pride of place on the village green.

Who could have wanted Chandler dead? Why would they stow his body in such strange circumstances? And what is the meaning of his last enigmatic message, directing his brother to Mystery Hills, a place of which no one has ever heard? Crime and cookery continue to collide as Prudence and her granddaughter Suki get drawn into another mystifying murder . . .

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