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The Tenant

The Tenant by Katrine Engberg

Author: Katrine Engberg


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Page Count:368

Date Published:17 Sep 2020



They share a house. And all its secrets …

When a young woman is discovered brutally murdered in her own apartment, with an intricate pattern of lines carved into her face, Copenhagen police detectives Jeppe Korner and Anette Werner are assigned to the case. They quickly establish a link between the victim, Julie Stender, and her complex landlady, Esther.

Esther is a budding novelist – and when Julie features as a murder victim in the still-unfinished mystery she’s writing, the link between fiction and real life grows more urgent. But is Esther guilty or merely another victim in a far more dangerous game of vengeance? Anette and Jeppe must dig more deeply into the two women’s pasts to discover the secret that links them both …

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