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The Vampire Slayer’s Survival Guide

The Vampire Slayer's Survival Guide by Katy Birchall

Author: Katy Birchall


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Page Count:352

Date Published:1 Sep 2022



A fang-tastically funny story of unlikely friendship. Perfect for readers 9+.

Maggie Helsby may be descended from a long line of vampire slayers, but that won’t stop her being friends with vegetarian vampire Sharptooth Shadow.

While she’s introducing Sharptooth to the delights of school, she gets to hang out at wonderfully creepy Skeleton Castle on the weekend. Until the enchantments that keep the castle hidden start to mysteriously weaken – and a whole host of other, far less friendly, magical creatures arrive in town to cause trouble, along with a monster hunter determined to put a stop to *anything* supernatural…

Don’t miss the first book in the series, How Not To Be A Vampire Slayer.

A funny and warm story of friendship and acceptance.

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