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This Book is Full of Unicorns

This Book is Full of Unicorns (PB) by Gareth Peter

Author: Gareth Peter


Availability: 1 in stock (can be backordered)


Page Count:32

Date Published:1 Feb 2024



A laugh-out-loud, bright and bold picture book full of unicorns in the most unusual places… This book is full of unicorns of every shape and size. They’re cheeky… sneaky… fabulous! You won’t believe your eyes. Did you know that unicorns are real? They’re all around us but our world’s so busy we can hardly see them…

But I bet you can spot them if you look closely enough! Dive into the colourful pages of this picture book and see unicorns do the most fantastic and hilarious things. Spot them jumping on the rides at the funfair, sneaking around creepy castles and even zooming around in space!

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